ChangeIT UP Change Management works with Companies around the globe to GetIT Right The First Time

We help our clients to embrace change on a global scale and the success that comes with it.

Change Management

A well-executed change strategy will revolutionise your operations.

We help our clients achieve this by working collaboratively with them from: Concept through to Development, Transition and Adoption

We work with you to understand your goals and objectives then use best practice to map out clear processes for your business success.

Project delivery

Customer Experience is at the core of our project delivery.

We will help you develop a project delivery strategy that is:

  • Aligned with your value proposition and business objectives planning

  • Defined by the best plan to deliver your value proposition

  • Guaranteed to bring you the return on your investment.

GetIT Right The First Time Framework

We will facilitate a one-day workshop where you will learn how to apply the GetIT Right The First Time Framework. The GetIT Right The First Time Framework shows you how to incorporate and capture all considerations for project initiation and start up.

Underestimated or misunderstood project goals will increase IT costs and timescales which may adversely affect the delivery of your project.

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Our Personal Mission Is To Help You
GetIT Right The First Time

  • Is your program of work progressing in the way that you imagined?
  • Are your timeframes always adjusting along the way?
  • Are the program benefits in alignment for your program’s success?


If you cannot answer yes to all of the above, contact Alicia for a 30-minute Free Coffee, no obligation meeting.