Benefits of Creating and Building Successful Change Teams – why do we need to do this?

On the first Change project I was on, the change lead organised for our newly formed change and training team to go off site on a team creation building day. This event resonated in a very positive way with me. 

In thinking about what I wanted to say about the benefits of being part of a successful change team the list is endless but there are 7 key takeaways that I want to share with you, but will start with one key takeaway that makes real sense.  

When you come together at that first team building event you are often looking for commonalities with each other. This is a good thing, because as human beings we are often looking for what we have in common as a base to get to know a person and to start with a common understanding of each other.

Of equal importance is, being able to discuss each other’s point of difference. If the team brings together the same skillset you will not maximise the skills of all your team members and likely to run in to problems when firming up on each other’s roles and responsibilities.

First Key Takeaway is set the team goal. Goal creation and understanding the goal will increase buy in from all team members. When you take the time to determine what the common objective of the team is, it will be easier to unpack the layers of what your ultimate goal is all about. This will help to create better interaction and corporation. Follow me to learn more of my takeaways on creating and building successful teams.